New Horror Story


I have to write a new horror story. Well, some of you may be aware that three years ago when my husband, and I got married we chose to stay at the Prince Conti Hotel for our honeymoon. This hotel is located in the heart of the New Orleans French Quarter. A place that I have marveled over since I was a young child.

New Orleans is not like any other place in the world. Though there are indeed some other places that can also say that. Nevertheless there's a sort of electric charge that seems to sit on the city. Something energetic that thrives in the humidity.

While visiting there we went to the St. Louis Cathedral, the famed Jackson Square, Oceana's Restaurant, and Marie Leveau's.

The only thing I wish we had done that we were unable to do is go on the vampire tour, and see Anne Rice's house.

The point being I have already written a few stories based in New Orleans, but I couldn't help myself I am going to write another one.

The best thing about New Orleans, even in the face of it being one of America's most haunted cities, is that the people there are so hospitable. It's really an experience, and my husband, and I both agree that visiting again would be lovely.

So, now to write another horror story for college. I've already got an idea for it, but you guys will just have to wait and see what I come up with.

Hope everyone's having a great afternoon!

Sai Marie