Shocking and Spectacular

Chambers of the Human Heart: An Erotic Love Story - Tom Arnold

This book is one of the most intriguing and surprising tales I have read this year. I picked up a copy of this book from Mr. Arnold at Art and the Vineyard and I was swept away into the world of Eleanor, Sean and Savannah much like Sean was whisked away by the current in the Pacific: unsuspecting and by living of the edge of the ledge until I found myself pulling myself out of the current with all the energy I could muster and then when I reached the end of the story I was left stunned. In many ways, Sean King is a desirous brute but the way he leaves Ellie indicates a deep and soulful love that is hard to put a label on. It is a fabulous read and I've given it five stars with full faith that others will come to feel the same if they too have the courage to take the plunge with this enticing and intriguing erotic menage romance.