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Forbidden Fantasies by Sai Marie Johnson is NOW on Preorder and Releases on Halloween!


Araceli Nativa

Sheltered and yet looking to expand beyond her small-town Alabama raising, Araceli’s attending Vanderbilt University in Nashville but so far she hasn’t broadened her horizons in the least. A pretty and successful student, Araceli spends all her days studying, attending class and living a fairly boring existence. That is until her dorm mate peer pressures her to attend the biggest frat and Halloween party on campus and when Araceli finally breaks out of her closed up shell, the consequences might just be devastating.

Abel Slaine

For centuries, he has scoured the earth searching for her, the demonic queen who stole his beloved before they ever had the chance to thrive. She and all of her dark daughters have been his target for millennia and now there is a new one who will find her death at the end of his hands one way or another but putting plan to action may prove more difficult than Abel has bargained for when his prey becomes more than a deathly pursuit.


In honor of this event, Sai would like to appear on a series of blogs for release week. If you would like to host her for the release, or review an ARC of the book, please fill out this form.

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